Ice vending machine – CRO 450


Our Smart management system can be connected to your phone or desktop as You wish so all data will be available to You anytime allowing you to receive data and alerts from ice vending machine and to ask for statistic data. Basically our remote management  systems provides You with informations on two fields: alarms and statistic data allowing you remote control to manage with both.

For example it will alarm You if the ice maker suddenly stops working, if the ice vending machine is turned off because of the lost of power, if you run out of the ice, the bags etc. So thanks to its alarm You can immediately respond on all situations.
Also You can follow statistic data, and see for example when was the last sale, how many sales ice vending machine made, etc.

And third eRebus allows You remote control which means You can handle machine problems even if You are not there meaning You can:

  • Restart machine
  • Turn it off
  • Return coins
  • Allow the sale

Also it allows You to resolve problems immediately having 0 losses since machine becomes operative just after few clicks. Nowadays it’s really important to save time and to react on time – easy remote systems allows you that. There is no need to go all around your locations, hire people to check and resolve problems etc. You can do it alone. SMS reporting system will provide you with all necesary information about ice vending machine ensuring your quick, instant response. Due it’s automatic system if any problem occurs with the ice vending machine it will be reported to you immediately. Thus You are able to respond and to react on any problem in time and avoid any uncomfortable situation for example to stay out of the coins. You can control income and know if you have any problems with operation anytime.



Ice vending machine is croatian product made by carefully chosen parts. Therefore we guarantee quality of it. Also, CRO 450 is eco friendly using air cooling while it is working which is more enviromental friendly way of work. Also while producing it uses purifed water with special fillters meaning ice cubes are 100% fresh. Buying an ice from ice vending machine is more safety than buying packaged ice in stores, gast stations etc. because there is no human factor while producing hence the product delivery and quality is better. The ice won’t be smashed as that can be a case when buying a packaged ice.

At our ice-vending machine there is a gap for plastic bags, but since we are trying to be more eco-friendly. We highly recommend using icebox and thermobags. Also we believe that plastic bags in future will be replaced as there is already an initiative for it.


CRO 450 is made of two main units: the ice maker which produces ice and the unit that stores and sells ice and keeps it fresh. Ice cubes from our ice vending machine are made from filtrated water in size of 22*22*22 mm hence they are fresh, unbroken and unsticked.  So this ice vending machine is completely functional. It is selfstanding unit which provides full service.

It is pretty simple to handle the machine. Since it accepts all ways of paying You just need to insert bill or coins. Also, it is possible to pay with credit card. So to get the ice, place a bag that is available on ice vending machine or place your own icebox, insert the money and than press the button confirm. In less than 1 second you will get the ice! Than You just need to pick up the change if there is any. The only possible change are coins not bills.