You found having Your own business attractive but You never start one? Ice vending franchise is a right thing for You! We will help You run Your own business in a growing market of ice! There is plenty of possibilities! Marinas, camps, gas stations, traffic places, even Your own garden if it’s in the centre of the happenings … those are all potential places for setting up an ice vending machine!

You already have an idea? Together we can realize it! Our management with our experience and expertise will allow you to set up Ice vending business in your microlocation. We will give You a full support and lead you step by step on the way of owning Ice Rebus franchise. Also, after making a contract we will provide You with complete education and training on how to handle machine and with full backup during the business.

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Franchise models starting at 7000 €

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Ice vending machine

Named CRO 450 since it’s completely made in Croatia this is a revolutionary machine thanks to its huge capacity and „while you blink“ quick dispense of the ice. Those characteristics makes this ice vending machine a real small factory which can’t run out of the ice providing fast service anytime dispensing fresh, unsticked ice 0-24h. Ice is 100% fresh while it is made by filtrated water so it is safe and healthy to use it.

Whether You decide to buy a machine or to become franchise owner we can assure You that CRO 450 is the best ice vending machine for you. Huge capacity and well planned smart chosen parts are making this machine a great investment.

Successful stories

Buenos Aires ice machine

Buenos Aires: over 12000 sales a year

Marina: over 2000 sales a year

Split ice machine

Split: over 1000 sales a year


New location in Pakoštane

We are happy to say that we have a new franchise owner in Pakoštane. This young couple came to us with proposal of their location, which our commission approved. Location is marked as one with [...]


We were exhibiting at Fair Gast, in Split. It took a place from 26 to 29 March 2020. With over 25 thousand visitors and over 800 exhibitors from Croatia and region we can say it was pretty successful. [...]

New project-ice vending machine in Argentina

Last year was a year to remember! We can say we are extremely proud on our achievements including positioning our ice vending machines in Argentina. It was one step forward on spreading our partner network as this was our [...]

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